Tuesday, October 1, 2013

30 in 30 Final

Can't say enough about what a great challenge this was.  Thank you so much Leslie Saeta 
for putting all of this together for all of us to enjoy.  This challenge pushed me to get out to the studio, get it cleaned up and to get back to painting.  There were lots of days I just had to force myself to pick up a brush but as the month went on, I found myself looking forward to seeing what I could get done.  To be honest, I am surprised that I have 30 paintings especially with all that was going on in the month of September to keep me away from my easel.  Thank goodness for catch up days.  Very pleased to have the opportunity to keep learning, growing and having fun with my art.


  1. Beautiful work Phyllis! Are you on Facebook too?
    A new Follower..... from Kellie Lynn Art - Kellie Chasse Fine Art fellow artist (30 in 30 Challenge)! Happy and sad at the same time that we are done. :) Happy Painting - it will be fun to follow your work!

  2. Back to Painting is the key! Now you can say, You did it!

  3. Thanks Kellie. Yes, I'm on facebook. I'll have to add a badge so you can see it. Until then search for Phyllis Russell Franklin if you want to hear all about my church, family, cats and other tidbits of my life including my art. If you want to just see and follow my art, LIKE my art page Southern Artist Phyllis Russell Franklin . I think you can find a link to my art page by looking at my profile on Phyllis Russell Franklin.