Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 22

11x14 oil on canvas  "Happy trees"
Several years ago Sandra Babb and I painted at Callaway overlooking the golf course and these two trees captured my attention.  I painted for a bit and then scraped off what I had painted and put this idea away leaving just a ghost image of what I had attempted. 
This afternoon I retreieved the canvas with the fuzzy ghost image of two trees and had a grand time painting my heart out all the time thinking about these two trees and how they grew together as many do appearing in the distance to be only one tree.  I thought about how all of us live in this world and at a distance seem to be one but yet, looking closer, we too are planted close to others  making us stronger than if we just stood alone.  Tonight I am thankful for God, my family and my friends who make me stronger and happier standing with me through this wonderful journey we call life.  As Bob Ross, a famous painter who taught many of us how to paint via televison, always said, " lets paint happy little trees",so I did.  On to day 23! 

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  1. I remember those trees you painted that day. Glad their ghosts brought them back and good memories came along too.