Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 5

                                12x16 art pastels on sanded paper  "Going Home" 
                                            Click the image to see a larger view

Yesterday afternoon I moved some things around in the studio trying my best to make more room.  It seems that the more I clean and throw out stuff, more stuff takes its place.  At any rate, I had a good time organizing several boxes of soft art pastels into color groups and from there into values shifts.  Then it was on to tackle paper after paper of works done with art pastels that just like the oils, I never finished.  

As I looked at the works, I found myself thinking that I really don't have one particular theme that my art work follows.  I'm pretty much open to paint anything and anywhere.  Still, landscape seems to be a favorite so I pulled this one out started many years ago and added some finishing touches playing with the grass and trees for about an hour.  It's now ready to be framed and that makes me feel really good.  

Looking forward to spending some more time in the studio this afternoon cleaning, organizing and thinking about what to paint next for day 6.