Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 23

11x14 oil on canvas  "Rhododendrons" 

Today was a wonderful first day of fall with the air a bit cooler and this afternoon sprinkles of rain.  In the studio I looked for something to paint from my favorite things collection of reference photos and found these rhododendrons.  I just love them almost as much as my azaleas.  

This afternoon the children came to play, paint and cook.  They set up a tea service and made wonderful tea ... except I think some of it tasted a bit like some kind of strawberry kool aid.  hummm  Both Carley Ann and Anna Claire painted with me yesterday and asked today if I could make them a page to show off their work.  I said I would, of course, and plan to do that in the morning.  Both children have such wonderful talent and I'm so proud they both want to paint.  It's good to have painting buddies.  

On to day 24.  

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